Praktika in Südeuropa

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Praktika in Spanien,  Italien  und   Portugal

Praktika in Südeuropa

Sprachen lernen durch Erfahrung in der Arbeitswelt

Internships in  Spain,  Italy  and   Portugal

Professional Internship Experience Programme are offered in many sectors.
The programme aims to enrich participants´ understanding through an internship experience in a company in one of countries mentioned above. Participants improve their linguistic and communicative skills and deepen their knowledge about work life. An intensive language course may be booked, but students with a good level of the relevant may join the programme without taking a course.

WORK LOCATION: mostly in Sevilla, Lisbon and Lecce (South of Italy).

LANGUAGE REQUIRED: minimum of 2 weeks intensive course. The position offered is likely to be influenced by the applicants level (depending on the score of a language test), as well as previous professional experience and education!

TYPE OF INTERNSHIP: all areas and levels of work experience are available.
DURATION: minimum 1 month, maximum 1 year

MONITORING: PUROMUNDO staff will interview all participants and introduce them to their future employer for the following internship.
QUALITY CONTROL: during the placement, the tutor will visit the participants in the companies and help them with problems. Monthly Student feedback questionnaires with student and host company. Every 2 weeks informal meetings with student.
FEES include: Tuition (if requested), Accommodation, Internship Placement, Certificate, Airport Transfer to Accommodation, Orientation, Civil Responsibility Insurance, and more … We create programmes upon request!

ACCOMMODATION: a range of accommodation options located in the city is offered, as shared student apartments, individual or double rooms, student residence.

STARTING DATES: any Monday except in July and August. PUROMUNDO require min. 2 months notice to organise work experience
REPORTS: at the end of the programme a final report will be made using the information from the Course results, the tutor as well as from the employer.

CERTIFICATION: a diploma is awarded certifying the type of programme. Certificate issued by PUROMUNDO and by the company.

REQUIREMENTS: minimum age 18 years. Open to individual participants, schools, Colleges and Universities upon request.

Price: From 510 € - 2 to 6 months  

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