Ingenieurstudium in Russland

Tomsk Polytechnic University Study in Russia

The University offers more than 250 programmes in Russian and English language.

School details

General fields: Geology and Oil and Gas Industry; Material Science and New Materials Technology, Electronics; Microelectronics, Optical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Power Engineering; Production of Inorganic Matter; Production of Polymers, Biotechnology, Oil and Gas Processing; Environment Protection; Economics, Accounting, Management; Public Relations, Advertising; Social and Cultural Service and Tourism; Linguistics; Computer Science; Russian language courses; summer school programme; Double Master´s Degree programmes jointly with German universities.

Length of studies: Bachelor degree course 4 years; Master degree course 2 years; Ph.D. course 3 years; Short-term course optional, not less than 10 hours per week; Summer school programme 4 weeks.

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Admission and deadlines

To join Tomsk Polytechnic University prospective student should fill in online application form and wait for an admission officer reply, who will guide the applicant through the whole admission procedure. Deadlines: A.) Preparatory course: August 1. B.) Bachelor and C.) Master degree course: 15th of June, Ph.D. course in D.) Russian or E.) English and F.) Short-term course: 2,5 months before the beginning of classes: G.) Summer school programme May 1.


Fees: A = 1340/1420 Euro, B. Russian 1750/ 1900 Euro, English 2400 / 2550 Euro, C. Russian 2000 Euro, English 2610 Euro, D.) 2900-4350 Euro, E.) 7.5 - 12.5 Euro/hour, F.) 648 Euro. See website for details.

Course Deadline Fee Preparatory course August 1 1340/1420 Euro Bachelor degree course June 15 in Russian 1750/ 1900 Euro in English 2400 / 2550 Euro Master degree course June 15 in Russian 2000 Euro in English 2610 Euro Ph.D. course in Russian/English 2,5 months before the beginning of classes 2900-4350 Euro Short-term course 2 months before the beginning of classes 7.5 - 12.5 Euro/hour Summer school programme May 1 648 Euro Nine Facts about TPU

1. High-quality education since 1896, over 130,000 alumni 2. National Research University of Resource-Effective Technologies since 2009 3. Ranked second out of all Russian technical universities 4. Partner of more than 40 universities and educational institutions around the world. 5. Special department aimed at providing services for 2000 international students from about 30 countries 6. Immensely engaging and successful learning of Russian language in Russian speaking environment, interaction with native speakers 7. Acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions 8. Exceptional recreation, good weather, comfortable on-campus accommodation with modern facilities where you can build an everlasting network 9. Location in a beautiful Siberian city Tomsk with developed infrastructure

Contact details

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Elena V. Milkina 30 Lenina prospect, 634034 Tomsk, Russia T/F. +7 3822 563 304 Office hours 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

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