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Palazzi is a group of academic, interdisciplinary institutions located in the historical center of Florence, Italy. It was founded with the purpose of enriching international higher education for students and partner institutions throughout the world.
The mission of the member institutions (APICIUS, DIVA, FAST, FUA, sQuola) mirrors the contemporary face of Florence and invites its students and institutional partners to partake in an educational endeavor for a study abroad experience that challenges and shapes the mind.

The programs at Palazzi range from a variety of short term up to professional certificate and four-year academic programs offered in Florence, Italy. Graduate, volunteer, community service, and internship programs are also available. The main schools of our institutions address liberal and studio arts, business, fashion and accessory design, hospitality management, culinary arts, food communications and publishing, digital and visual media and imaging, and contemporary Italian language studies. These areas have been developed and expanded with the fast growing changes in higher education and the demand for international collegiate experiences. At Palazzi, a full immersion approach is the rule of thumb whether created for short term, short term faculty-led, or long semester term lengths of time.

The academic areas offered at Palazzi are divided according to the following member institutions:

  • Apicius International School of Hospitality – specialized in hospitality and tourism studies, culinary arts, enology, publishing and communications, food culture, nutrition and sports sciences.
  • Florence University of the Arts (FUA) – Liberal arts, fine arts, culture, literature, history, fine arts and philosophy studies will be housed within our beautifully restored Renaissance palazzo.
  • Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology (FAST) – The school of fashion and accessory technology and studies. Students studying fashion, textiles and any related subjects will be able to study hands-on in our facilities.
  • Digital Imaging and Visual Arts (DIVA) – Here students study the technical elements of digital visual arts and media, including photography, web design, graphic design, website design and much more.
  • Squola: Center for Contemporary Italian Studies - An institution dedicated to the teaching of Italian as a foreign language, Italian literature and Italian studies to international students. The center offers an innovative intensive language program suited for serious individuals interested in maximizing their progress during their studies in Florence. Intensive courses may be combined with culinary and professional internship options to enrich their cultural and linguistic experience.


Program lengths and options:
Students interested in structured, professional certificate programs may study for 1, 2, or 4 years in specific areas of the arts, hospitality, fashion, digital media and publishing. Study abroad and general studies offer various program options to choose from for studying in Florence: semester, summer, and January intersessions.

Please note: It is the applicant´s responsibility to obtain the necessary student visa from the Italian consulate in his or home country prior to arrival. Palazzi will provide the necessary educational documents pertaining to enrollment requested by the consulate.

Palazzi Florence Association for International Education
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